Our Services

TD&P Consulting, Inc. is a Minority and Woman-Owned Healthcare Consulting Firm Specializing in the Assessment of Medical Damages and Future Healthcare Costs. DC metropolitan Area-based, we consult nationwide with firms that work with insurance carriers, self-insured corporations, and legal counsel in litigated bodily injury and medical professional liability claims, which require the analysis of past and future medical expenses.


Medical Pricing Analysis

TD&P Consulting specializes in Medical Pricing Analysis and Price Reasonableness for food and services to determine price reasonableness.

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Actuarial Analysis

TD&P experts issuing statements of actuarial opinion (SAOs) are required to adhere to the Society of Actuary’s Code of Professional Conduct, Actuarial Standards of Practice, and Qualification Standards for education, experience, and continuing education.

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Life Care Plan Critique and Pricing

TD&P Consulting specializes in life care plan critique and pricing to ensure they are organized, concise and based on established rules governing medical necessity.

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Economic Analysis

TD&P Consulting’s brand of economic analysis is unique because of its strict adherence to the principle of neutrality.

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Medical Causation Analysis

TD&P analyzes and values life care plans, health care delivery costs, and evaluates the work of the experts retained by parties to the litigation.

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Expert Witness

When clients are involved in litigation or compliance matters, having the right expert witness or consultant makes all the difference.

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