Our Services

TD&P Consulting, Inc. is a DC metropolitan Area-based national consulting firm that works with insurance carriers, self-insured corporations, and legal counsel in litigated bodily injury and medical professional liability claims, which require the analysis of past and future medical expenses. TD&P Consulting, Inc. use of predictive modeling to forecast health care costs and explain medical damages is nationally recognized among members of the legal community, injured parties, and insurance carriers. TD&P Consulting has been involved in several groundbreaking cases changing the discussion on the admissibility of billed versus paid rates and the relationship of health insurance coverage to healthcare costs. The firm is frequently consulted on cases as they approach mediation or trial.


Healthcare Delivery Cost Analysis

TD&P gives projections on future medical costs, by assessing benefit programs available to various patient demographics.

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Regulatory Compliance

TD&P focuses on helping clients develop proactive strategies to achieve their compliance goals.

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Life Care Planning

TD&P's evaluation focuses on the psychosocial, physical, vocational, emotional, and financial aspects of a catastrophic injury.

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Medicare Set Aside

TD&P’s approach offers clients a straight forward and cost-effective MSA settlement solution that is compliant with federal law.

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Claims Litigation Support

TD&P analyzes and values life care plans, health care delivery costs, and evaluates the work of the experts retained by parties to the litigation.

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Expert Witness Services

Our consultants provide advice sought by litigators, life care planners, healthcare providers, and insurance industry firms.

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