Our Services

A healthcare and legal professional team consisting of, economists, healthcare financing experts, actuaries, and authorities on Medicare and Medicaid. Our analysts support the work of our experts with in-depth knowledge of healthcare billing and reimbursement practices, insurance policy, and medical practice standards. Together, applying an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, TD&P Consulting, provides results that are accurate, valid, and reliable for all our clients.


Medical Pricing Analysis

TD&P Consulting, rely on medical literature, policy, and market data sources to develop pricing models that are systematic, comprehensive and objective for a Medical Pricing Analysis.

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Actuarial Analysis

Actuary and forensic economics services building the foundation of comprehensive experience in professional liability insurance.

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Life Care Plan Critique and Pricing

TD&P Consulting specializes in life care plan critique and pricing to ensure they are organized, concise and based on established rules governing medical necessity.

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Economic Analysis

TD&P Consulting develops economic analysis reports and provides testimony for cases of both plaintiffs and defendants in matters estimating economic damages.

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Medical Causation Analysis

TD&P Consulting performs a medical causation analysis and values life care plans, healthcare delivery costs, and evaluates the work of the experts retained by parties to the litigation.

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Expert Witness

The right expert witness or consultant makes difference. At TD&P we provide evidence-based analysis that cover areas in the medical, actuarial, and economics arena offering the right options.

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