Areas of Expertise

Areas Of Expertise

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CLM presentation entitled: “Overcoming Sticker Price: 

The Emergence of the Reasonable Value Approach.” Presenters Jim LeBlanc, VP and Director of Claim Operations, BerkleyMed, Tyler Robinson, Esq., Partner at Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen, P.C., Thomas Geroulo, Esq., Partner at Bardsley Benedict + Cholden, LLP, and myself, Tom Dawson, Esq., CEO of TD&P Consulting, Inc. will discuss “Reasonable Value” and how it may be used to allow Defendants to attack inflated and false life care plans with market based solutions without running afoul of the collateral source rule. 

Making Dollars & Sense Out of Letters of Protection: Deconstructing Value Through Data

Using letters of protection, plaintiffs’ attorneys seek damages not reflective of the reasonable value of medical treatment costs, resulting in increased settlement demands and jury awards. Learn how using market data to value medical care can help determine the “inherent reasonableness” of medical goods and services in the healthcare market.