TD&P Methodology

Case Initiation Process

We gather information about the nature of the case and the scope of work needed.

The Record Review Process

TD&P's record review process involves gathering information about a injured party's diagnoses, care needs, demographics, healthcare coverage, and financial status; and analyzing against the backdrop of federal and state regulations.

Healthcare Delivery Analysis

TD&P's healthcare delivery analysis involves the examination of federal and state programs available to an injured party. TD&P provides a picture of how healthcare may be delivered to the injured party in the future based on his or her diagnoses and the modalities identified in the injured party's records.

Team Strategy

TD&P's team strategy is multidisciplinary. The multidisciplinary approach involves staff members working together across disciplines to assist clients to navigate market changes, understand reimbursement policy, and respond to regulatory changes impacting healthcare and healthcare costs.

Legislative and Policy Analysis

TD&P views the understanding of existing, proposed, and lapsing legislation and existing policy as one of the foundations of exceptional litigation support. TD&P can provide analysis of present legislation and regulation and its impact on the healthcare industry. TD&P has advised clients on the impact of legislative and/or regulatory actions and provides clients with access throughout the year to the latest in policy development.


TD&P reports include life care plan analysis, reasonable value calculations, benefits coordination matrices, and reimbursement studies, among others.

Reimbursement Analysis

TD&P provides industry standard coding, pricing, and reimbursement analysis by certified industry professionals.

Litigation Support

TD&P provides litigation support in preparation for depositions, mediations, and trials associated with medical damages.