Healthcare Disputes and Analytics

TD&P Consulting, Inc. (TD&P) expert services assist clients throughout the Healthcare Disputes and Analytics process. Whether we are working with fortune 500 companies, healthcare providers, legal counsels or individuals, our team provides dispute resolution, litigation support, and expert witness testimony services that minimize the risk of costly litigation.


In recent years, several forces have coincided to place considerable upward pressure on damage awards. A 2018 Johns Hopkins study suggested that part of the reason, at least in the healthcare sector, maybe increasing human error. Increasing liability in the healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing and most economically significant applications of tort law. And it has attracted considerable media and regulatory attention.


For cases which cannot be settled through mediation, TD&P offers litigation support and expert witness testimony services. TD&P’s multi-disciplinary team of forensic accountants, actuaries, economists, attorneys, physicians, reimbursement specialists, and health policy professionals assist clients with document discovery, fee schedule and cost analysis, damages analysis, and deposition preparation. TD&P professionals are very familiar with the litigation process and have experience in preparing expert witness reports, critically reviewing opposing party expert reports, and testifying in federal and state courts as both expert and fact witnesses. 


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