Medicare Set Aside

For nearly 10 years, TD&P has educated clients on Medicare and federal reimbursement policy. Out of this experience, we developed a proprietary approach to Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements (MSAs) focused on helping clients meet their obligations. The federal law makes clear that any entity found to be shifting its burden to Medicare to pay for future medical costs related to an injured individual’s workers’ compensation/liability/automobile injury, accident, or illness can be held liable for double damages, penalties, and fines.

TD&P’s approach offers clients a straight forward and cost-effective MSA settlement solution that is compliant with federal law, priced at an affordable, flat rate, and based on measurable data.  Our experience has taught us that all cases profit from individual attention by professionals trained in medicine, claims, finance, and the law. TD&P Consulting’s approach to cost analysis in the legal community has made it the de facto go-to firm in cases ranging from simple to complex.

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