Regulatory Compliance

TD&P Consulting uses its dynamic staff experience to deliver strategic advice on the application of public policy. TD&P Consulting focuses on helping clients develop proactive strategies to achieve their compliance goals. We also help clients understand how healthcare regulations guide delivery under various public and private benefit programs.Recent legislative actions have created a host of new healthcare regulations that must be considered for business compliance. In addition, the anticipated new payment models and increased numbers of insured patients present both challenges and opportunities for third party vendors, payors, and providers.

Along with these changes, healthcare providers, insurers, and employers have seen new controls placed on how health insurance coverage is made available individuals. Complex requirements make it essential to have a partner that understands healthcare policy and healthcare delivery.

At TD&P, we research and analyze rules and regulations of several public and private programs such as Medicare, worker’s compensation programs, individual and group private health insurance plans, among others. In addition, we research and analyze several state specific programs including but not limited to Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP), Medicaid Waiver Programs, rare and expensive disease management programs and other state specific available programs. TD&P Consulting delivers insightful and comprehensive solutions for navigating today’s healthcare marketplace. Using a customized and research based approach, our professionals can help you find the right solution to your regulatory challenges.