About TD&P


TD&P are a leading consulting firm specializing in the assessment of medical damages and healthcare market costs.

TD&P Consulting was founded in 2010 by Tom Dawson, an attorney and health policy professional with more than 20 years of health policy and ERISA experience. The firm brings together legal, clinical, economic, and accounting specialists to consider emerging questions before the healthcare and litigation community. TD&Ps brand of rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis gives TD&P clients reliable results they can trust. We hold the position that a multidisciplinary team approach produces powerful results. It has enabled the firm to provide clients with objective analysis and successful results involving: past and future medical damages; Medicare and Medicaid Program benefits and reimbursement; Medicaid Waiver Programs for special needs populations; commercial health insurance; employer-sponsored benefits; federal and state coordination of benefits (COB) regulations; reasonable value of medical goods and services; mediation, and more.