TD&P Team

We bring together the best experts to analyze cases. Our TD&P team collaborates by blending case analysis and project management with a commitment to deliver options. Our individual experiences, coupled with careful training, ensures that TD&P provides results that are accurate, valid, and reliable for all our clients.

Jessica Dawson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Phone - (877) 420-8680 Ext. 705

Jessica Dawson is the Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and the firm’s majority owner of TD&P Consulting, Inc. She focuses on the development and growth of the business through building relationships in the industry, identifying opportunities, and completing business relationships.

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Thomas J. Dawson III, Esq., MPH, MA

Partner and Chief Strategist
Phone - (877) 420-8680 Ext. 704

Thomas J. Dawson III, TD&P’s Co-Founder and Chief Legal Strategist, he, is an attorney and health policy professional with 30 years of healthcare law and ERISA. experience expertise. 

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Millicent E. Daniels, Esq.

Chief Operating Officer
Phone - (877) 420-8680 Ext. 706

Millicent Daniels is the Chief Operating Officer to ensure TD&P has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the Company and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

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Dr. Vera Dvorak, MD

Chief Medical Officer & Partner
Phone - (877) 420-8680 Ext. 701

Dr. Vera Dvorak is the Chief Medical Officer & Partner. Her focus has been on medical necessity determination, appropriate discharge disposition with defined short and long-term care needs.

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Dr. Paul M. Adler , D.O., F.A.C.E.P., M.B.A.

Medical/Correctional/Covid Consultant
Phone - 240 670 7982

Dr. Paul M. Adler is the Correctional Healthcare Expert with TD&P Consulting, Inc covering Medical/Correctional/Covid Consulting. He has been active in correctional medicine for 27+ years, provides wrap-around health management to Police and Sheriff Departments, and He is the president of the oldest correctional health care organization in the U.S. 

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Dr. Ee Lin Wan, MD

Medical Expert
Phone - 240 670 7982

Dr. Ee Lin Wan, MD is a hospitalist with more than 12 years of experience as a hospitalist, managing patients above the age of 18 admitted to the hospital. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. With a special interest in providing quality

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Craig A. Allen, FCAS, FCIA , FCAS, FCIA

Actuary, Forensic Economics, Expert Witness, and Consultant

Phone - 240 670 7982

Craig A. Allen, FCAS, FCIA is a consulting actuary and forensic economics consultant whose expertise in forensic economics is built on a foundation of comprehensive experience in professional liability insurance.

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Dr. Jerome Paige, Ph.D

Economist & Expert Witness and Consultant

Phone - (877) 420-8680 Ext. 0

Dr. Jerome Paige is the Forensic Economist and Expert Witness. He has 45-year resident of DC and has ongoing professional interest in the relationship between changing economic conditions in DC and the changes in the policy issues the District faces.

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Shane Johnson

Partner and Vice President of Healthcare Analytics
Phone - 877) 420-8680 Ext. 700

Shane Johnson is an Equity Partner, Vice President of Health Policy Analytics, and Consultant at TD&P Consulting, Inc. (TD&P). He has broad clinical experience and an extensive background in case management and FDA policy.

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Mahdieh Bamshad

Forensic Analyst and Healthcare Analytics Consultant
Phone - (877) 420-8680 Ext. 702

Mahdieh Bamshad is the Forensic Analyst and Healthcare Analytics Consultant at TD&P. She is responsible for providing financial forecasting of medical costs and services.

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Thomas J. Dawson Jr, MHA

Senior Advisor

Thomas J. Dawson Jr. is the Senior Advisor for TD&P. He founded the first Non-profit Medicaid Health Plan at Sunshine Health Plan, Inc., and served as its President and CEO. He also served as a professor of Healthcare Finance and Healthcare Management.

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G. Lawrence Atkins, Ph.D

Senior Advisor

G. Lawrence Atkins serves as a senior advisor for TD&P Consulting, Inc. Atkins is the president of the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI). While working as a social security and retirement income policy expert on the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging and as a technical adviser to Senator John Heinz (R-PA) on the 1983 National Commission on Social Security Reform.

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R. Lucia Riddle, MBA

Senior Advisor

R. Lucia Riddle serves as a senior advisor for TD&P. She served as vice president of federal government relations with the Principal Financial Group®. In that capacity, she directed the federal legislative and regulatory strategy initiatives for issues affecting the company that ranged from health care to tax policy and financial services.

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