Thomas J. Dawson III

Glenn Moorehead

Mr. Glenn Moorehead is our Chief Operating Officer (COO) where he oversees the daily operations and management of TD&P. Working as a key member of the firm’s leadership team, Mr. Moorehead takes a leadership role in framing the systems, processes, workflow and resources needed to perform TD&P’s analysis. Mr. Moorehead has over 18 years of management consulting services in the areas of audits and accounting, grant management, business process reengineering, and strategic management and operational alignment.

Mr. Moorehead is a former Chief of Staff and Vice President for Administration and Human Resources for one of DC’s largest medicaid managed care organizations. He has worked across the United States on consulting engagements for leading companies and organizations such as Prudential Financial Services, Marriott, and the US Census Bureau. His extensive experience also includes serving as a Project Manager for the resolution of Howard University’s control deficiencies by developing, implementing and monitoring policies and procedures, internal controls and designing analytical tools in response to Management Letter Comments (MLC’s).

He has also consulted for the National Council of Negro Women (“NCNW”), a non-profit national organzation where he provided accounting and financial consulting services to NCNW’s Finance Department with specific focus on stabilizing financial operations, external audit preparation, grants administration, developing policies and procedures for interim financial operations, creating a staffing model for the Finance department, and providing recommendations for financial systems.

Recently, Mr. Moorehead was part of a Subject Matter Expert (SME) consulting team for KPMG Advisory Services in which he was responsible for providing audit readiness activities and financial operations advisory services for Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (DC METRO) in the areas of project costing, accounts payable, payroll, asset management, financial reporting, grants administration and general ledger activities.

Mr. Moorehead holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Norfolk State University and a MBA from University of Maryland with a concentration in International Finance.