Thomas J. Dawson III

Thomas J. Dawson III, Esq., MPH, MA

Thomas J. Dawson III, TD&P’s Co-Founder and Chief Legal Strategist, he, is an attorney and health policy professional with 30 years of healthcare law and ERISA experience expertise.  Mr. Dawson was intimately involved in health care reform and the development of key provisions within the Affordable Care Act as healthcare counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business. Today he serves as an expert in health insurance reform, healthcare policy, and regulatory analysis, as well as the Affordable Care Act.

Mr. Dawson is highly accomplished with an extensive background in healthcare finance, regulatory compliance, healthcare policy involving Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance reform, and the Affordable Care Act. Sophisticated in managed care, small and large group health insurance, healthcare reimbursement policy, ERISA, government legislative processes, project management, and communication. Wide-ranging experience as a leader, and organizer with demonstrated ability to execute major cases in a well-timed manner. Has provided healthcare, policy analyses consulting, and expert testimony in matters involving bodily injury and medical damages.

He is frequently asked to advise legal teams on the reasonable value of medical expenses. To date, Mr. Dawson has supported the work of numerous litigators including those representing municipalities. He has also been retained by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to assist in the determination of medical damages involving VA and military benefits.

Among his many activities, Mr. Dawson is a long-time member of the D.C. Board of Medicine, and a member of the Editorial Board for the Federation of State Medical Boards